Sensible Equipment Company, Inc. provides the patented TRICOIL System. TRICOIL enhances the indoor air quality by precise control for the indoor temperature and humidity control, increasing ventilation air rates, purification of air and surfaces, increased air filtration efficiency. TRICOIL is excellent for the mitigation of indoor pollutants, VOC's, bacteria, and viruses.

Core Competencies

  • Fan Coil Units
  • Air Handling Units Enhanced for IAQ
  • Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)
  • Pump and Valve Assemblies


We have Registered Professional Engineers on staff. We can provide engineering services for all the products we sell. This includes designing the installation of any manner of Air Handling Units (AHU), Fan Coil Units (FCU) and Dedicated Outside Air Units (DOAS).
We can arrange for the installation of all the products we sell providing a Turnkey Project Delivery. Turnkey projects we have provided such as air handling systems for numerous indoor shooting ranges and fan coil units and DOAS for dormitories.

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